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EPA rule will take full effect on April 22, 2010. All companies doing more that 2 square feet of renovation will be required to have someone on staff trained an on site during renovation of any home older than 1978. The BucksMont NARI chapter and other training companies have started scheduling training for certification. Please check the BucksMont NARI chapter for training schedules: www.bucksmontnari.org.

Legislation information

Currently no legislation is pending
Currently no legislation is pending
See current pending legislation information below:

Information on: The New Designer Legislation Hearing restricting the use of ‚ÄúResidential Design Professional‚ÄĚ without Interior Designer Board Permission/Certification.

The hearings on HB-1521 in Harrisburg to solicit public opinion on potential legislation the American Association of Interior Designers was postponed because of weather. You will be notified when it is rescheduled. We still need as many people at the hearing as possible to voice our opposition to this bill when it happens.

What appears to have happened is that all of the language in House Bill (HB) 1521 is scrapped. In its place would be (if it passed) an amendment to the Architect's Law (which is what is attached) that, if passed, would become the new HB 1521. It's only just over 5 pages.

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